Facts about Numerous Black Women Suffer and Die Due to Breast Cancer

Over past few decades, advance research regarding breast related issues was released, but not all people gain something about it. It was noted in U.S that more black women died and suffer from this kind of illness compared to white women. This gap has been wider in a lot of cities from 1990 to 2009 according published study journal Cancer Epidemiology. Since inequality and high number of black women died, hospitals decided to look on their records over 50 cities from year 1990 to 2009, their major goal is to see disparity and have specific number or data of these two types of women that hit by this illness and its mortality. Only data from 41 cities were available, between 1990-1994, 17 percent racial disparities have varied in different cities in the U.S was noted. From year 2005-2009, 39 of 41 cities was also seen to have racial disparity, the gap grew more over time in 35 cities. It was seen that the cases of death for white women for this related illness decreases while rate for black women did not even change.


Various researches were conducted to see if what’s the rationale of this inequality? Data shows that this can’t be solely blamed to the genetics but an issue of accessing and getting care, according to Marc Hurlber, executive director of Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. Press release of Sinai Urban Health Institute study author Director Steve Whitman, Ph.D., There’s no sure answer for this, rather according to some theories, since availability of technological advance such as treatment and screening became accessible and available in year 1990’s, such as advance surgery, digital mammography and new drugs. This had been less reachable and available for those poor black women. Poor and less insured to be able to avail this kind of treatment. During 2012, a study stated that cities with high poverty gap and segregated has larger cases of black women who suffers because of breast cancer. It’s not easy for them to access the best care, hospitals and even breast cancer specialist. This improves and lengthens the chances of living but not all women could afford.


The research regarding this issue has ended in year 2009, Hurlbert suggests that women must be informed in all aspects to inform them of its risk and they should demand high-quality treatment, best breast cancer specialist and screening. A proper and healthy eating (fruits and vegetables), excessive exercise, healthy weight balance and avoiding unnecessary hobby like smoking and drinking alcohol could be of big help to lower the risk of having breast cancer. In addition, Hurlbert suggest to find a center or hospital with breast specialist, imager and ask if who is reading your mammogram, demand timeliness. Regular check up must be conducted, women could also check religiously their breast status even at home, this is best during menstrual period, point your upward for the breast to be examine, while using tree figures of the other hand, touch and examine, if you could feel something unusual, see a doctor right away.


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