The 8 Signs that Your Cardio Workouts are Becoming More Harmful to Your Health

It is always stated that exercise is needed by the body for the benefit of one’s health. Exercises like aerobics, including biking, jumping rope and think running are good for the health. Not only that. It aids in weight loss and making you feel better as well.  But, did you know that too much of this can also affect your health?

This is why it is essential to practice balance. It all applies in the challenges you are giving yourself and in making exercise a part of your everyday routine. So, what is that time when a healthy exercise becomes too much and harmful to the body?


It is known that cardio exercises aid in burning of calories as well as strengthening the lungs and heart. This leads to the implication that the more you perform the exercise, the better the result will be. But, it is not. Sometimes, too much of this can already be considered harmful. Just remember that everyone is different, which means that what is too much for them may not be the same for you. An exercise can also be more harmful depending on several factors like age, healthy status, exercise intensity and fitness level. As you get used to exercising and the set up, the more the body get used to the intensity as well. Hence, what may be too much for them now can change after a year.

Yes, exercise is necessary for the body. But, if it gets too much of it, the same effect will be experienced just like with not exercising or having just a little of it. For instance, cardio aids in strengthening the heart. But, if you do too much of it, your heart will start suffering from the effect. Thus, it provides the idea that health benefits from exercise can only be obtained if balance is practiced. Extremes of it will lead to suffering the consequences.


You will know when you are performing too much cardiovascular exercise if you are:

  1. Feeling tired the entire day
  2. Having trouble in sleeping or you feel that you are not getting enough rest even after sleeping for  8 hours or more at night
  3. Your physical performance, including speed, endurance and strength, has gone down instead of improving.
  4. Feeling sick often
  5. The body fat has dropped below the healthy levels based on your height
  6. If you are a woman, you started experiencing changes on your menstrual cycle. It either disappeared or lengthened.
  7. Having trouble in recovering in between workouts
  8. Experiencing overuse injury like broken bone, stress fracture or any chronic pain

Notice that people who are consistently exercising and performing recreationally are not experiencing any of these. However, such problems are common to competitive exercisers, especially the ones training for endurance as well as ultra-endurance events. For the risk of experiencing the effects of too much experience to be prevented, there is one thing that must be kept in mind. That is to exercise in moderation. Do not do more than what you can since it still would not be healthy. Make sure that the level of moderation you are practicing is what your body is accustomed to.

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